9 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction – 2020 Guide


Cannabis – A devil in disguise. A sweet relief. Young teen’s best friend. Commonly known as marijuana.

It has many nicknames, such as bud, Mary-Jane, nug, dank, the list goes on. You can vape it, smoke it, bake it, torch it up, blaze it, pretty neat expressions, aren’t they? Wrap it up in a cigarette, use a bong, put it in the cookie dough, endless possibilities lie with this mixture of dried flowers, stems, and leaves.

Cannabis is in the top misused drugs among all countries, worldwide. If you have a plug, or if someone knows someone, you’ll most probably end up your night chilling, zoned out on your couch, watching some TV with a fat joint between your fingers. Many people will tell you you can’t get addicted to it, but… should we even tell they’re so wrong?

Today we’re going against those popular beliefs by showing you the 9 most common signs and symptoms of cannabis addiction and categorizing them in physical and mental signs in .en.

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