Another State Legalizes Marijuana


Another domino falls … Meanwhile, the FDA inches closer to CBD regulation … Snoop Dogg raises more money for CBD … and new evidence that marijuana can help in the war against opioids

We continue inching closer to total marijuana legalization in the United States … which means we’re closer than ever to a watershed moment for marijuana investors.

On Friday, we saw the 11th state officially legalize recreational marijuana. It was a bit of a soap opera — a last-minute vote, squeezed in just under the wire before adjournment of the General Assembly’s spring legislative session.

It started last Wednesday, when the Illinois Senate passed legislation that would allow adults to buy and possess up to 30 grams of marijuana. Interestingly, the bill also pardoned individuals with convictions for amounts of cannabis under 30 grams.

(Pardoning individuals convicted of marijuana offenses is quickly becoming a presidential race hot topic. Look for more on this from the candidates as we get closer to

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