This Burnaby ‘cannabis connoisseur’ will be paid $50/hour to smoke pot


Imagine putting this scenario to the average Canadian cannabis user a couple years ago: You could get paid $50 per hour to smoke pot and share your thoughts about it.
A wistful glaze would have probably come over their eyes as they took another toke: “One day…”

Flash forward to 2019: cannabis has been legal for six months, the once-illicit drug is now a booming industry and that “one day” is here – at least for eight “cannabis connoisseurs.”

Had the idea been presented to Burnaby’s Cheney Creamer a short few years ago, she said would have responded, “That’s a dream job, but it seems impossible.”

Creamer was recently chosen to sit on a cannabis curation committee for A Higher Level of Thought (AHLOT) – a company that describes itself as a “transmodern brand … taking the best of everything that has come before while embracing the leading edge of hyperspeed social change.”

AHLOT claims to be the first company to sell curated collections of cannabis products

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