Presidential pot: Why 2020 Democrats are ready to legalize marijuana


Once a politically dangerous subject, legal marijuana has become something of a de facto platform plank for the 2020 Democratic candidates: All support either legalizing or decriminalizing its use, and the differences lie in how far the candidates are willing to take it.

Those differences – particularly former Vice President Joe Biden’s reluctance to embrace full federal legalization and the lack of enthusiasm that increasingly organized young marijuana activists have for him – may play a role in determining who faces President Donald Trump next fall, experts said.

“People from both parties are just thinking, ‘Duh, we should be legalizing this at the federal level,’ ” said Rachel Gillette, a Denver-based cannabis activist and attorney. “It would be great if they could focus on this. It’s time.”

Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris,

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