Thailand cave hero opens the world’s first cannabis oil hotel – in Essex


A British diver who took part in an heroic and miraculous Thai cave rescue has opened the world’s first cannabis oil hotel. And it’s high time. Last year, Tim Acton was part of a huge rescue effort that captivated the world after a youth football team was stuck underground for 18 days, and now he has decided how he will make his mark with a brand new venture.
Tim has run leading firm Canna CBD with his friend Greg Land for three years and they are one of the biggest companies in the emerging sector. Now they are making the move to branch out into hospitality.
They have opened the Green Coffee Lab and Leafy Hotel in Colchester, Essex, which will sell cannabis infused cakes, coffee, tea, rum, gin and beer. The owners have made the company so on brand that that even the light fittings are even made out of hemp.

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