Chemistry Launches Colorful Cannabis Lifestyle Campaign with Billboards in Los Angeles and the Bay Area


Chemistry, an Oakland-based cannabis brand offering a range of acclaimed, full-spectrum cannabis products, announced today the launch of a colorful new lifestyle billboard campaign developed by independent Oakland-based advertising agency, EVB. The campaign will begin to roll out this week and will run in 13 locations throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles during the summer months.

The campaign is built on the concept that cannabis is social and has the ability to connect people in interesting, fun and unexpected ways. The advertisements illustrate this by showing a variety of relatable people in everyday social situations that become just a little bit more connected with Chemistry. One concept shows a couple mischievously tossing their laundry at each other with the tagline: “THINGS GET PLAYFUL WHEN THERE’S CHEMISTRY.” Another scenario depicts a top view of two women laying head-to-head on a picnic blanket with blissful expressions and the

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