VIDEO — CSE Expects More International Cannabis Listings


Canada stole the show last year in the cannabis space with adult-use legalization, but this year companies focused on other jurisdictions are moving into the spotlight.

Richard Carleton, CEO of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), says that in 2019 he expects to see more listings from cannabis companies focused on the US and other international markets.

“We listed last year about 125 companies. Of that, about 45 or so were cannabis issuers. I think we’re about the same rate this year, so that kind of number. I think the difference is we’re seeing fewer companies that have a focus on Canada, and increasingly not just companies with business interests in the US,” Carleton told the Investing News Network.

“Increasingly, what investors are going to see are companies that have got business interests literally all over the world.” Among other regions, the CSE has seen listing interest from companies in South America, the Caribbean Basin, Israel and Asia.

That said, Carleton does still see major potential for cannabis in the US. “We really haven’t scratched the surface of the US yet. There are so many states and such a large percentage of the

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