Tragic pictures of addiction showing users as drugs destroy their faces


Even the most hardened drug user knows this fact: Drugs can be very bad for you. But just how bad they can be is revealed in this series of mugshots of people who have been unable to beat their addictions.
Their mugshots were revealed by the American Addiction Centers website. They show the heartbreaking effect years of abuse of meth, heroin, cocaine or marijuana can have on a person. They estimate that nearly 20million Americans above the age of 12 struggled with drug abuse in 2017, many of whom are going untreated. The website states: ‘Driven by their addictions, many drug users engage in risky behaviours that can result in jail time. In fact, almost half of the prison population in the United States are jailed for drug-related offences.
Along with the emotional toll an addiction can take on a person’s life, drug abuse can also cause physical effects to addicts. ‘For example, continued abuse of crystal meth can cause what’s referred to as “meth mouth”, when a drug user’s teeth begin to crack and decay. Additionally, meth abusers may experience

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