New cannabis advisory board met with controversy on campus


A newly established policy advisory board will oversee cannabis-related events and research on campus.

The University of California released two memorandums outlining requirements for cannabis-related research on campus and potential risks of receiving funding from businesses that profit from marijuana-related activities.

UCLA established the Cannabis Advisory Board in April, which is responsible for drafting policy and disseminating information about cannabis-related research and activities, in response to the two memos, said Vice Chancellor Ann Pollock.

Although California Proposition 64 allows for the recreational use of marijuana, the UC is required to adhere to federal regulations regarding the drug. If the UC violates federal regulations, it risks losing federal funding, according to memorandum 19-02, authored by Lourdes DeMattos, associate director of Research Policy Analysis & Coordination.

Memorandum 18-01 states researchers who plan on cultivating or distributing cannabis must receive the drug through the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and receive

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