Gary on ‘plant-like substance’ at Kamla’s home: It was weed


AFTER FIVE YEARS of investigation into the “plant-like substance” found on the property of Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has confirmed it was marijuana. But he said Persad-Bissessar could in no way be held responsible.
“I think it was rather disappointing that after five years we are still referring to a ‘plant-like substance.’

“But, if you have full access, control and authority of a home and what enters it, then there can be some degree of responsibility in the matter. In this case, based on the investigation, the marijuana was found outside her house. If it were found inside then there would be some degree of responsibility.”

He also said the marijuana was found while Persad-Bissessar was out of the country and, at any point in time, there could have been up to 70 people that had full access to the yard, including gardeners, drivers, soldiers, police officers, etc.

He said while people would argue that there should be a thorough search of every person that comes into the property, it would entail detailed searches of every individual. He said it would have been “virtually impossible” to catch a person entering the compound with an illegal substance.

In April 2013, a special branch officer found five grammes of marijuana in the gazebo of the men’s wash room on Bissessar’s Phillipine, Penal home. In 2015, then

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