Five Cannabusiness Women and Female-Fronted Cannabusinesses You Should Know


Legal cannabis, CBD and related businesses have seen lightning speed progress in the past couple years. Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCB Expo) at Javitz Center in New York City is a physical manifestation of that growth. I sat bewildered during my ride home from the event, tipsy with delight over the success of cannabis in a world that would barely have it only a few years ago. I can recall a time when to have a giant expo about cannabis at the Javitz Center would have been out of the question, even laughable, swarming with NYPD and their dogs versus trendy entrepreneurs in biz casual outfits.

I rolled in on Thursday morning of the expo for the press meeting and was a bit surprised at the busy energy of the room. The turn out of media members and business people alike was exciting. Most interesting to me in cannabis right now is the opportunity for women of all backgrounds to succeed. Moms, young women, older women, groups of friends, a lady with a business degree or someone with zero business experience, all have a fair shot.

I spoke to a woman who started her dispensary project while fighting for her life against cancer; another who started her beauty topicals businesses a year ago in her kitchen and since then has been inundated with orders, one who had a small creative company who now

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