Cannabis Watch: The No. 1 reason adults are interested in legalized cannabis (it’s not to get high)


One in three (34%) U.S. adults aged 21 and up is interested in using legalized cannabis, but most aren’t looking to just get high, a recent survey by market-research firm Nielsen suggests.

In fact, those who said they’d consume the drug if it were legalized were most likely to cite pain treatment and other wellness-related reasons. Top reasons cited for potential cannabis consumption included treatment of chronic pain (85%), mental-health improvement (82%), treatment of minor injuries (81%), sleep aid (77%) and relaxation (74%).

Additional sources of interest in consuming cannabis included treatment of a non-pain medical condition (63%), disease or ailment prevention (60%), improvement of physical health (58%) and having a good time with friends and family (48%). Enhancement of spirituality rounded out the bottom of the list, at 28%.

What’s more, around four in 10 people who have headache or migraine pain (40%), people who have arthritic pain (40%) and people who have back and neck

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