French Health Ministry Announces Plans for Medical Cannabis ‘Experimentation’


France is taking tentative steps towards the legalization of medical marijuana. The Senate voted by a large majority to approve the use of experimental medical cannabis for two years, which should make it available to 300,000 to one million patients, according to advocacy groups.

When and the country’s health ministry approves the plan, there will be serious supply chain issues. As the legislation did not legalize cannabis production in the country, marijuana for the trial period will need to be sourced from outside France. As reported by a France 24 article, the cannabis that will be recommended to patients will be of a low THC variety.

The governmental agency that is overseeing the program has identified cancer, some types of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and palliative care as potential qualifying health conditions that would allow doctors to prescribe the medicine through the plan. Also on the list is chronic pain that is unresponsive to other kinds of treatment — in fact, doctors have been advised that

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