With CBD Products Gaining Popularity, FDA Considering Regulating The Industry


Even though there is a lot of confusion about its legal status, CBD products have surged in popularity. Now the Food and Drug Administration is considering regulating the industry.

The FDA on Friday held its first hearing on regulating CBD products that are made from cannabis compounds.

More than 100 people spoke Friday and there is a lot of interest in the $100 million industry that’s making a lot of health claims.

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CBD has spread like a weed into food, cosmetics and supplements. Now, even the industry itself is begging for closer government oversight.

“The FDA does not have the luxury of time,” Council for Responsible Nutrition assistant general council Megan Olsen said. “They must act quickly to address a market that is out of control.”

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On Friday, the FDA took its first step toward regulating the exploding the CBD

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