Vietnamese and Chinese slaves in Spanish marijuana plantations


The Vietnamese Tuân appears in the square of Legazpi (Madrid) somewhat disoriented, with his head bowed and without taking his eyes off the ground. At the exit of the mouth of the Metro, an Asian woman is waiting for her, who introduces herself as her “protector”. She will be a translator during the walk through this neighborhood in the south of the capital. “She is still afraid, she does not trust anyone,” says the woman. Tuân was locked in a shed guarding a marijuana plantation of the Chinese mafia in Guadalajara . As a gardener and a watchman, he slept on a broken mattress on the floor, barely had food, could not see the sunlight and did his business in a kind of potty. That was four months, until he managed to escape. «I could not stand it anymore. I did not leave before because I was afraid, they told me that if the police saw me I would be deported to my country, “explains this Vietnamese who is over 40 years old. He also claims that he was forced to vacuum pack the marijuana when the plant was already dry. They kept it in boxes that they sent to several European countries through courier companies .

In a municipality near Valencia, there are two 30-year-old farmers who worked planting rice in Pingnan County (south of China) until they found a job offer in Spain on Facebook: “I need a gardener to take care of my plants,” said the note written by another Chinese citizen who ran a bazaar in Madrid and offered “accommodation, food and a decent salary that would be negotiated later”. I did not specify more. The farmers, after making several stops in Europe, arrived last year in the Valencian town of Chiva. There, two compatriots took them to a ship. Inside were three other Chinese and an indoor

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