Shaw: It’s time for doctors to get on board with medical marijuana


Medical marijuana is now available around here. Many of those receiving it are delighted by the results. Wayne Roisum, 75, of Erhard, Minn., gets his medical marijuana every six weeks from the Moorhead dispensary. Roisum takes the cannabis because he has neuropathy, which is a painful nerve condition that has made it unable for him to sleep. He tried nine other treatments, but none of them worked.

“Medical marijuana is a godsend,” Roisum said. “There are no side effects. It allows me to sleep and has dramatically reduced my pain.”

The problem is that most patients around here who need medical marijuana can’t get it. Local doctors won’t certify their patients. Thus, suffering people can’t receive their medical marijuana cards, which allows them to purchase the product.

According to the North Dakota Department of Health, only 380 people in the state are allowed to receive medical marijuana. However, experts say there are about 8,000 people in North Dakota who qualify to take it. Rilie Ray Morgan of Fargo led the effort to get medical marijuana overwhelmingly approved by North Dakota voters. He says he’s

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