Scotland’s drug crisis: 750 clean-up crew call outs for heroin needles in just one year


A crisis over discarded heroin needles in Glasgow saw an emergency clean-up crew called out more than 750 times by the public last year.

A team from Glasgow City Council – on stand-by for a 24-hour response – removed drug paraphernalia, including blood-filled syringes, from 763 sites in the last year.

The data does not include syringes picked up by cleansing staff – meaning the problem is far worse.

The table confirms the Record findings this week, that injecting addicts, with nowhere else to go, are using ­playgrounds, ­tenement closes, bin areas and wastegrounds to get their fixes.

Moves for a safer drug consumption facility (SDCF) have been blocked by the UK ­Government, despite support in Scotland for a pilot centre.

Our story yesterday ­showcased a shocking range of sites strewn with drugs ­paraphernalia.

A spokesman for Glasgow’s Health and Social Care ­Partnership, which has been driving the case for a pilot SDCF, said: “While every effort is made by injecting equipment providers to ensure equipment is disposed

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