Medical Marijuana ‘Useful Tool’ For Cancer Treatment, ASCO Study Reveals


Medicinal marijuana has long been a topic of controversy in the medical community. Issues about weed range from its legality to whether or not enough extensive studies have been done.

However, many experts acknowledge the benefits of medicinal marijuana and even feel that it could be a useful tool in treating cancer.

A study presented by the University of Colorado Cancer Center at the ASCO, American Society for Clinical Oncology, Annual Meeting 2019 showed that while 73 percent of surveyed oncology providers believe in the benefits that medicinal marijuana provides for cancer patients, only 46 percent of them were comfortable recommending it to patients. Survey respondents included 53 registered nurses, 48 specialized oncologists, 47 physicians, 17 pharmacists, and 7 oncology providers.

According to the report, 79 percent of survey respondents expressed that while they were uncomfortable prescribing medicinal marijuana as a tool for cancer treatment, additional educational programs during training and as continuing medical education courses could increase how comfortable they were in prescribing medicinal marijuana. Interestingly enough, around 68 percent of survey respondents reported that they received information about medicinal marijuana from their patients

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