Experts Urge FDA To Reform Policies On Cannabis-Derived Compounds


The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) presented information today at a public hearing of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on products containing cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD).

NCIA Policy Director Andrew Kline spoke at the hearing and presented extensive written testimony compiled by a coalition of more than 100 CBD/hemp entrepreneurs, scientists, medical professionals, and food and drug lawyers. The coalition addresses medical benefits, health and safety concerns, manufacturing and product quality, and the need for a robust regulatory structure with guidance for product testing, marketing, and labeling. The testimony also discusses the potential economic benefits of a well-regulated CBD and hemp industry, as well as the problems created by a lack of access to financial services in the industry due to federal banking restrictions.

“There is no higher calling in government service than public safety – and we applaud FDA’s efforts to make certain that consumers are safe,” said Kline. “The bottom line is this – an overwhelming preponderance of evidence indicates that cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds present minimal health and safety concerns.”

The 2018 Farm Bill created an exemption in the Controlled Substances Act for hemp-derived CBD which has recently fueled unprecedented expansion in the CBD consumer market, but FDA policy

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