Coffee By Design sues Utah coffee roaster over use of CBD name


Coffee By Design is suing a Utah company that infuses its coffee with CBD, arguing that its branding imitates the Portland-based roaster.

Beyond aping Coffee By Design’s name and logo, CBD Coffee of Utah is creating confusion in the marketplace by associating the Portland company with cannabis products, the plaintiffs say in a trademark infringement lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Maine.

Experts say the case raises questions about the feasibility of protecting intellectual property when a phrase similar to an existing trademark becomes popular parlance.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a hemp-based compound used for its calming properties. Its growing popularity, including in CBD-infused coffees, has concerned the Portland-based business, causing confusion among consumers.

Now, Coffee By Design is taking action to protect its brand. Co-owner Mary Allen Lindemann said her business had sent warning letters to roughly half a dozen companies that describe their

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