Cannabidiol chemist inspired by grandma’s plea for weed


When Shannon Tor was in high school, his grandmother asked him to fix her up with some good stuff.

“She asked me to buy her some weed,” remembers Tor, who ended up not purchasing illegal marijuana for his grandmother. She wasn’t going to smoke it, but wanted him to soak the plant in alcohol and rub it on her sore knee. “It’s an old Indian recipe,” she told him.

Now 45 years old, an analytical chemist and an owner of a beauty product line, Tor embraces his grandma’s logic.

“Here,” Tor says, holding a jar of the cannabidiol (CBD) lotion he manufactures in his Tor Salon Products lab in Mundelein, “is the product my grandma asked me to make when I was 17.”

If his grandmother inspired him to make CBD products, his wife, Tina, convinced him they could work. After giving birth to their daughter, Maddie, nine years ago, Tina was having issues with her new Crohn’s disease diagnosis when the Tors went on a skiing trip

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