Baby boomers once demonized marijuana, but now they’re swearing by it as a miracle cure


Barbara Buck first tried cannabis when she was 17, and loved how it made her feel – more motivated and distinctly less depressed and anxious. But she had to give it up for 15 years because of random drug testing when she worked in the recreational therapy field with the elderly.


Now 54 with a new career path as a realtor, she’s one of the many people finding cannabis to be a great healer later on in life.

“The benefits for me have been wonderful,” she told INSIDER. “I make edibles for sleep and a pain salve that works wonderfully on sore joints and muscles. I don’t have depression issues and haven’t since using cannabis again.”

Buck also uses CBD – a molecule from cannabis that doesn’t make you feel intoxicated – to stay calm and clear-headed if she has a stressful day at work.

“For me cannabis just makes my life better,” she said. “It’s also been a Godsend for menopause symptoms. Cannabis and CBD help to regulate my mood, and help with hot flushes and sleep like nothing else I’ve tried.”

Cannabis, which can be smoked, taken orally with oils, teas, and edibles, or absorbed through the skin with balms and salves, contains hundreds of different molecules.

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