Prepare for cannabis growth, not ‘green rush’ in Florida, Colorado pot czar warns


In 2016, voters decided to make medical marijuana legal in Florida. A bill to create an official hemp program in the state just passed the Legislature and awaits the stroke of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ pen.

But some supporters ask where is the “green rush” of economic growth?

Well, comparing green to gold may be the wrong analogy.

Andrew Freedman, who served as Colorado’s first cannabis czar, told attendees at an Economic Club of Florida event Thursday that instead, cannabis in Florida should be treated as agriculture instead of alloy.

He pointed to a photo of gold miners with picks, pans and Levi’s jeans. Then he directed the crowd to a photo of a high-tech indoor marijuana grow facility.

“When you had a gold mine and you were finding gold … you might have spent less finding that gold than what you sold it for at the end of the day,” he said at the event, hosted at the Florida State University Alumni Association. “Those are limited in the cannabis system.”

Freedman, of Denver consulting firm Freedman and Koski, worked to implement voter-mandated legalized recreational and medical marijuana while serving in his former role, and helped develop

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