Weed, Wine, Evolution


For those of us of a certain generation, our relationship between weed and wine was simple and basic: Whatever juice was available was fine with us, “spo-dee-oh-dee,” as the song by Stick McGhee goes. If that meant the fabled Carlo Rossi Red Mountain, Thunderbird, or Annie Green Springs, so be it. The idea was to pass the bottle around, taking swallows in between tokes, while listening to an endless riff by the Grateful Dead . . . or perhaps a multi-dimensional recording of the Firesign Theater. Quality wasn’t the driving force behind our choice of wine. Low prices and availability were. If they carried jugs of the stuff down at the local package store, we were on. Pot and Chablis, reefer and Rhine—it was all good with us.

And then we grew up. And so did the cannabis and vintage wines that we were buying. It ain’t pot no more. Now, people speak of flowers, of sativa and indica, of CBD and THC. And thanks to the rise of medical cannabis, and of research into the endocannabinoid system within our bodies, the world of the stoner is something distant and faraway. Marijuana still exists on a recreational level. But more and more, it’s become a medical alternative. And our tastes in wines has evolved as well.

The deeper you get into pairing cannabis and wine, the more complex and subtle the whole process becomes. Pot ain’t just pot no more. Indica tends to make the user sleepy, and if you pair it with a Cab or a Merlot there’s a good chance you’ll get more drowsy than buzzy. Sativa is known to give bursts of energy, sometimes manic. A nice

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