Kids who vape weed are ‘more likely to be thieves and violent thugs’


Cannabis has a reputation for making its users relaxed to the point of incapacitation. But it turns out that teens who ‘vape’ the herb face a ‘significantly higher risk’ of falling into a life of crime and delinquency. In the olden days, potheads were forced to roll monster spliffs, load up a bong or bake some space cakes to get stoned.
Now they can use tiny vaporizer devices to blast their brains with cannabis without generating the clouds of smelly smoke generated by traditional methods of marijuana ingestion.
A team from the University of Texas has just published a piece of research exploring ‘adolescent vaping and its association with delinquency among 8th and 10th-grade students across the nation’.
The research examined the use of vaporizers to take tobacco as well as weed. Criminal justice professor Dylan Jackson said: ‘Our hope is that this research will lead to the recognition among policymakers, practitioners, and parents

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