How To Pass Weed Test: Tips To Flush Out Marijuana For Urine Drug Test


rug tests make everyone nervous, and more so when you smoke marijuana and are worried that it will turn up in your results.

One of the most common drug test methods is urine testing. This method is considered to be less expensive, easier to collect, and there’s the added fact that THC remains detectable in your urine longer than it does anywhere else. The urine test detects THC-COOH rather than THC itself.

or one-time users, this test can detect the presence of THC-COOH 5-8 days after marijuana consumption.
For occasional users, 11-18 days after marijuana consumption
For regular users, 33-48 days after marijuana consumption
For daily users, 90 days after marijuana consumption
While these time frames are somewhat accurate, there are also other factors to take into consideration such as:

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You metabolism
How frequently you exercise
Your Body Mass Index (BMI), the higher it is, the longer it takes to flush THC out
How often you consume marijuana
The potency of marijuana consumed
The amount of marijuana you consume
Your diet’s fiber content
Here are some ways to help you flush THC out in order to pass your urine test.

Go for high-fiber foods

One way to flush out THC from your system is to go for high-fiber foods before your test. The primary benefit of high fiber foods is that it helps you poop. This is helpful as most of the THC and its metabolites

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