NYC pet owners are giving their stressed out animals pot products


These pets won’t stay off the grass.

New York dogs and cats are turning to pot to deal with ailments like chronic pain and seizures — and just to mellow out after a long day walking for The Man, according to their owners and dealers.

“Phoebe is a little high-strung and it kind of takes the edge off her — like adults,” Long Islander John P. Delafuente, 37, told The Post of his cockalier’s habit for CBD-infused dog biscuits.

“She has a hard day in the city, a lot of noises, and other dogs barking. We recently started giving her biscuits and she just chills,” he said.

Big Apple stores peddling CBD, or cannabidiol — a compound found in marijuana that’s separate from THC, the part of pot that makes you high — say pet owners are now jonesing for treats infused with the

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