Cannabis-Fed Pigs: What Their Meat Tastes Like


Since the discovery of cooking, man has been looking for ways to improve the taste of the meat they cook. From salting it to introducing different kinds of food into the meats diet. Each method is more creative than the last and such is the case with the newest way of preparing pork.

Moto Perpetuo Farm is a farm based in Forest Grove, Oregon that grows cannabis. However, they are now gaining popularity due to the unorthodox diet of their pigs.

The diet of the pigs at Moto Perpetuo Farm involves cannabis leaves, specifically the byproduct from the marijuana being grown by Moto Perpetuo Farm. Pigs have similar CBD receptors as humans so a very important question would be whether or not these pigs are getting high.

Moto Perpetuo Farm assured that the pigs don’t get high as THC would need to undergo a process of change in order for it to be psychoactive, and the pigs are merely being fed marijuana byproducts.

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