Can CBD Oil Be Used To Treat Acne?


cne has long been the bane of people’s existence, no matter what age they are. For those who have tried everything on the market, natural ways to fight acne are more than welcome. There has been a surge of new and natural ways to get rid of acne, ranging from raw fruit masks to unconventional methods such as feminine wash. One such method is through the use of CBD oil.

CBD oil is an oil that contains concentrations of CBD or cannabidiol. CBD can be found in Marijuana as one of its compounds. Whereas THC is responsible for creating a mind-altering high, CBD focuses more on the body. The human body produces its own certain cannabinoids and as such, have receptors for cannabinoid. These are the CB1 receptors and the CB2 receptors. The former deals with coordination, movement, emotions, mood, pain, appetite, memories, and the like while the latter deals with our immune system and affect things

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