US national arrested for possession of illegal drugs in Mozambique


PRM have confirmed the arrest of an 86-year United States national in possession of 5 kilograms of illegal drugs at Maputo International Airport prior to boarding a Dubai-bound flight.
Police in Mozambique (PRM) spokesperson at the Maputo city level, Leonel Muchina is quoted by state radio on Sunday, 26 May 2019, as the drugs were discovered at a security checkpoint as the suspect headed to the departure lounge.

“In fact, we are finalising the process of boarding international flights, bound for South Africa, the final destination being France from Dubai, when we arrested American national aged 86 years old, who had packed in the false bottom of his suitcase, five kilos of cocaine and two kilos of heroin,” Muchina told the Maputo-broadcaster on Sunday, 26 May 2019.

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