CBD May Soon Be Further Regulated in the US


The US Food and Drug Administration will hold its first public hearing Friday into how it should regulate CBD products, and it may end up limiting how much of the cannabis compound can be included in food and drinks.

Cannabidiol, the formal name for CBD, is rapidly becoming a hot wellness trend following the legalisation of hemp in the US in December. Mainstream retailers like CVS Health Corp. already sell CBD creams, sprays and lotions but the substance hasn’t yet been approved for use in food and drinks by the FDA. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD doesn’t give users a high. Instead, it’s pitched as a natural way to fight ailments like insomnia, inflammation and anxiety.

That hasn’t stopped restaurants like burger chain Carl’s Jr. from selling CBD-infused food, as there has been little enforcement.

“From the CBD companies’ perspective, if they don’t keep pushing forward they’re going to miss their window of opportunity to gain market control,” said Robert DiPisa, co-chair of the cannabis law group at New Jersey-based firm Cole Schotz. “As an attorney, I try to read everything that the FDA is putting out, I try to gather

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