This Oregon Brewery Wants to Become the Unofficial Beer of Legal Marijuana


Cannabis. Marijuana. Dank. Skunk. Weed.

Whatever you prefer to call it, the previously controlled substance has been legal for non-medical use in Oregon since 2015.

And what goes better with said psychoactive than a crisp, refreshing beer? Deschutes hopes the answer is “nothing.”

As brands attempt to navigate this leafy legal maze and agencies pop up for the sole purpose of helping them along, the Bend- and Portland-based brewery has a new campaign from lead agency Opinionated with a somewhat simple message: Our beer embodies all those things that make Oregon uniquely weird … including marijuana.

The scenic hero spot is set to an Oregon classic in the form of “Louie Louie,” that famously incomprehensible hit by Portland garage rockers The Kingsmen.

The next ads in the campaign tie the brand more directly to “the reefer” via an unnamed Martha Stewart stand-in who explains to her excited audience that Pacific Northwesterners may indulge in a crisp Deschutes when they’re not “hitting the chronic” (or even when they’re already a few bong rips in).

You will not be surprised to learn that this domestic goddess also bakes incomparable “space cakes.”

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