“Medical cannabis is no panacea” – Thai FDA


The Thai Food and Drug Administration is again warning the public that cannabis is not a magic medicine that can cure all illnesses.

The FDA deputy secretary-general Dr Surachoke Tangwiwat has repeated the warning that cannabis cannot cure many illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems as well as mental illness. The doctor has issued the warning after noting the types of people surrendering their marijuana and registered themselves as cannabis users during the three-month medical marijuana amnesty period that ended last Tuesday.

He was surprised when most of the residents who showed up to register were teens. He said that, under the regulations, no teens were allowed to use marijuana and that they have to get written permission from their parents.

“I wish to make it clear that cannabis will not help heal those illness. Those who use the plant to cure a disease could suffer side-effects. We do not know for sure the exact amount each patient needs and the suitable breed of the plants.”

“Some ingredients of the herb could cause side-effects such as hallucinations.”

His office has received a series of reports from the intensive care units of several hospitals

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