Industrial-scale cannabis farm in Hampshire is shut down by police


A CANNABIS factory in Hampshire worth £6m a year has been shut down by police after they discovered tons of compost was being delivered to it.
Police descended on a farm after receiving reports of ‘excess’ compost being delivered and discovered thousands of plants which are believed to have had a street value of around £1.5 million.
(video at source).

Stunned officers found rows and rows of plants being carefully grown in barns at the farm, which was protected by guard dogs, on the outskirts of the sleepy village of Kingsclere, Hampshire, this week.

They also discovered two crossbows in one of the three barns being used to grow and dry the class B drug.

The pretty village, which is home to around 3,000 people, is believed to date back to at least 866 AD and was owned by King Alfred, who left it to his

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