East Huron caught flat-footed by legal medical pot operation


Vanastra’s newest business activity has taken residents and the Municipality of Huron East by surprise.

Medical marijuana is being grown in greenhouses situated on 0.4 hectares (one acre) of land. The owner and operator of the site – Zun Zhan Gao of Scarborough, Ont. – is licensed by the federal government and allowed to cultivate up to 438 cannabis plants.

But he and his operation’s arrival to a greenhouse formally occupied by Plant Paradise has come as a shock to residents and to Ray Chartrand, the Tuckersmith ward councillor for East Huron.

The municipality has no bylaws in place to dictate where a medical marijuana facility should be located in East Huron, according to Chartrand.

Moreover, Health Canada, the OPP and an Agriculture Ministry environmental specialist have been in contact with East Huron’s CAO and have concluded the operation is not illegal.

Gao’s operation is also in compliance with local zoning bylaws. It is located in the Vanastra

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