Cannabis can create jobs and grow the economy


Cannabis can create jobs and grow the economy new report argues NPA investigative directorate out for architects of corruption.

Africa has a huge number of cannabis consumers; a new report details how African countries can grow their economies and reach the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
In 2017 Lesotho legalised cannabis for medical use. In 2018 Zimbabwe followed suit by legalising cannabis for medical and research purposes. In 2018 the Constitutional Court ruled that private use of cannabis is not illegal in South Africa.

Now a new report by New Frontier Data provides “objective, rigorous and comprehensive analysis” on how the cannabis industry can benefit African economies and the population.

With the recent Statistics SA revealing that unemployment in the country is not decreasing, the New Frontier Data report states that legalising cannabis could help in creating more jobs.

According to the report, the annual consumption rate in Africa is 11.4% while the global average is 6%.

The countries with the some of the highest numbers of consumers are in Africa. The report does not distinguish between recreational, medical and illicit consumption of cannabis.

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