‘They don’t want to be known as Dr Pot’: Why doctors aren’t prescribing medicinal cannabis


Kerrie-Ann Trembath Forster has lived with agonising chronic pain for the best part of a decade, and despite medicinal cannabis being legal in Canberra, she sometimes has to turn to street drugs to relieve her suffering.

Key points:
AMA says GPs lack training in medicinal cannabis prescription
Canberra grandmother reports unwillingness amongst doctors to prescribe
Chronic Pain Australia bemoans “lack of appetite” from doctors
The grandmother has spent many days in bed wishing her pain would disappear and never return — a feeling she finds difficult to describe.

“I call it a ‘throbbing’ going through my body. It just goes and spreads out everywhere,” she said.

“It feels like my body is killing me. Pain going down my legs. Sharp pains in my back.”

Practicing meditation and yoga once a week has

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