Mike Tyson, Floyd Landis among athletes asking WADA to remove marijuana from banned list


Mike Tyson, Jake Plummer, Ricky Williams and Floyd Landis are among more than 150 current and former athletes who support a petition to remove marijuana from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited substances list.

Athletes for CARE requested WADA – the organization that sets drug policy for Olympic sports – remove THC from its banned list in a letter Thursday. Athletes for CARE, a non-profit that advocates for research into cannabis as a treatment for brain injury and other health issues, also announced a petition on Change.org.

“We have found an improved quality of life through cannabis and natural cannabinoids, including significant therapeutic and wellness benefits, and these positives should be freely available to all other athletes,” read the letter to the WADA group of experts that is developing the 2021 banned list.

“In keeping with WADA’s values of ethics, fair play and honesty, the organization owes it to athletes to allow full access to this gentle but effective plant medicine.”

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