Beseiged by Cannabis Cultivation


It was perplexing but not entirely surprising to read, one of our supervisors attempting to discredit Ann Louise Bardach, who is a respected, PEN Award-winning author and journalist. This prompted me to respond:

As a result of incompetent, “cart-before-the-horse” (Supervisor Peter Adam’s remark) tactics and due to the majority of the supervisors’ at best naïve, at worst unethical, regulation of cannabis cultivation, our communities are besieged by a proliferation of commercial cannabis developers. Officials’ misguided support of the cannabis industry has allowed an unbridled horse to run wild.

As long-term resident and advocate of Tepusquet Community, I have helped found the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis and have been instrumentally involved in supporting other, supportive groups. I encouraged the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors to adopt staff’s prudent and protective recommendations. Many people, including me, warned the BOS, years ago, that if they didn’t

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