383 kg of Drugs Seized by Bulgarian Customs have been Burned


A total of 383 kg of drugs which were seized by the Bulgarian customs were destroyed on 23rd of May. These included 331 kg of marijuana, 2 kg of ecstasy, 14 kg of amphetamine, 27 kg of cocaine, 6 kg of heroin, and 3 kg other. The drugs were burned in the Incinerator of the Enterprise for the Management of Environment Protection Activities with the Ministry of Environment and Waters, the Customs Agency said, reports BNT.

The destroyed drugs were worth nearly 24 million BGN.

They were seized by the law enforcement agencies – the Customs Agency and the Ministry of Interior.

For seventeen years, the Customs Agency has organized and carried out 65 procedures for destruction of narcotic substances. The total quantity is more than 43 tonnes.

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