Use recreational marijuana money for recreation center funding


Letter to the Editor: I just saw an article on the internet that stirred interest in me. The article told of Aurora, Colorado and their quest to build a recreation center.

They finally were able to build their rec center, a 30+ million dollar facility. They were able to build it because they used recreational pot tax dollars to build it. No other avenue seemed available to them.

I am not opposed to a rec center. I am opposed to being forced to pay for someone else’s recreation. I pay for my own recreation, and ask no one to pay for it for me. I think everyone else should do the same.

Perhaps when the people of Moffat County are smart enough to accept this form of tax money, then they might have a chance to get the rec center they want.
I think the Northwest Colorado Recreation Foundation should team up with Paul James and to get recreation pot passed in Moffat County, and write the law so the ordinance in such a way that the money goes to build a rec center. Then it will cost no person a dime of tax money.

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