How Big U.S. Companies Are Selling Weed Vapes in the United Kingdom


We met J.J. O’Brien from vape giant PAX Labs to talk about bringing the PAX 3 to the U.K. and marketing a legal product to an illegal market.

J.J. O’Brien has spent the last 20 minutes talking about weed, without once mentioning weed. At least, I’m pretty certain it’s weed the Vice President of Strategy at vape giant PAX Labs has been talking about. Unless his company’s latest state-of-the-art loose-leaf vaping device—the PAX 3—really is designed solely for inhaling herbs like lemongrass, lavender, and basil.

“I think what’s so unique about [the PAX 3 vaporizer] is the ability to vaporize at different temperatures, that allows you different flavor profiles to vaporize different herbs,” he says, raising a cherry-garnished whiskey cocktail to his lips. “Like lavender or lemongrass. Or any dry herb.”

But we’re talking about weed, though, aren’t we, O’Brien? Lemongrass is just a wink for cannabis, just as PAX’s tagline, “Life Elevated,” is one for getting high. Right?

Handsome, skinny, and neck-crickingly tall, O’Brien is reminiscent of Adam Levine, if Adam Levine had been stretched to 6’4″ and had the douchebag beaten out of him. He puts down his lowball glass and hoists his eyebrows in an

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