Grateful Dead Drummer Announces His Own Line of Weed. Big Surprise.


Celebrity endorsements of cannabis may be irritating (looking at you, then quickly looking away, Post Malone) or deeply offensive (Hell will see you soon enough, John Boehner). Sometimes the relationship between cannabis and public figures seems tenuous at best, leaving consumers to question if the endorser is truly a joker, a smoker, and/or a midnight toker. Because if you weren’t down back in the day, not sure I can believe what you’re shilling now.
But there are exceptions to that rule, and this week, one of those exceptions announced his own line of cannabis. And no matter where you stand on his band, there is no denying that they’re forever intertwined with cannabis, perhaps more than any other musical act outside of Bob Marley.

Grateful Dead drummer (and taker of more psychedelics than you and your 10 friends will ever consume in your lifetimes) Mickey Hart shared that his new brand, Mind Your Head, will offer 10-packs of pre-rolled, one-third-gram joints. The tins of these “magic minis” will be available in Northern California

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