Controversial Billionaire Alki David Talks Looking to Puerto Rico for Hemp Farm


“It’s a new-age spreading of the wealth in a truly capitalistic way,” Coca-Cola bottling magnate says one week after being arrested for bringing 5,000 cannabis plants to the Caribbean

Alkiviades “Alki” David, the Coca-Cola bottling billionaire and hologram concert producer for deceased stars, has found a new profession: walking cause célèbre for marijuana.

David was arrested on May 13th after bringing 5,000 cannabis plants on his private plane to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis. But the controversial magnate says he remains undeterred in his quest to find a foothold in the business as legalization spreads across the islands. “Certain soil structures, like volcanic islands in the Caribbean, are the very best that nature can offer for a natural habitat [for growing cannabis],” David says. “In Switzerland, where my company is based, we grow indoors with heat and light and water, none of which is required in the Caribbean.”

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