Dubai police have 104 drug abusers without legal accountability


Dubai police had 104 young drug abusers, with no criminal records or lawsuits filed against them to protect their future, and were given full care and referral to treatment providers, up 30% from 2017.

Dubai Police Commander Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri told Emirates Al Youm that the Dubai Police takes into account the humanitarian dimension of certain cases of young people who, for the first time, give them another legal opportunity through Article 43 of the Anti-Narcotics Act, which exempts legal accountability from Voluntarily, or reported by his family, and expanded the Dubai Police to extend the circle to the users reported by their friends.

He added that the people who were included by the General Directorate for Drug Control did not come voluntarily, but were caught in different conditions, but their cases were examined and that they may be victims of these conditions. They can be saved in some way before they become addicted. And to refer a number of them to the treatment and rehabilitation centers, and follow up their cases until they exceed the risk completely.

Al-Marri stressed that the solution is not to put this category of users of penal institutions, Dubai Police take into account the humanitarian and social aspect, and aware that the user is sick before he is a criminal and if there is a chance to save and evaluate and return to the right way, you will not miss

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