Two candidates of Podemos in Laredo detained for having an installation for 500 marijuana plants


Can Cantabria goes from startle to startle. A court suspended the primary; the party is run in the community by a technical team; and at the beginning of April, the First Instance Court No. 6 of Santander annulled the decision of the Podemos Electoral Committee that disqualified its former regional secretary in Cantabria, Rosana Alonso , and two other members of its Directorate to attend the primary elections autonomic Now, new fright.

The Civil Guard of Cantabria has dismantled in a villa in the town of Ampuero a facility equipped for the cultivation of 500 marijuana plants and has detained two people, as reported by Meritorious herself. These are Rocío Pérez Trueba and Jacob San Emeterio , candidates for Podemos Laredo in the municipal elections that are held within 10 days.

She was number two on the list and he was number eight. Pérez Trueba, in addition, was ranked 21st in the autonomic list, a position without options to leave. It appears in the list to the Cantabrian Parliament because before the problems of the party in this community, the autonomic list was

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