Roger Daltrey, 75, goes potty at fans smoking cannabis at New York gig


Geriatric rocker Roger Daltrey halted a gig at Madison Square Gardens on Monday to reprimand fans smoking cannabis in the crowd – telling revelers ‘you f****d my night, I’m allergic.’

The Who frontman, 75, whose band was once a byword for youthful rebellion and onstage chaos, went potty at fans ‘puffing grass’ during the New York City concert complaining that the smoke affects his vocals.

The Pinball Wizard singer addressed the crowd and said: ‘All the ones smoking grass down in the front there, I’m totally allergic to it… I’m not kidding. Whoever it is down there, you f****d my night. I’m allergic to that s*** and my voice just goes.’

Daltrey’s outburst came during The Who’s 25-date Moving On! tour of North America.

The Who were formed in 1964 in London by Daltrey along with Pete Townsend, John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon.

Daltrey was joined onstage by the only surviving original member of the band,

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