GPO starts planting first batch of marijuana for medical use


Marijuana plants grown by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) have begun to flower, paving the way for extracts to be tested.

The GPO President, Dr. Sopon Mekthon, said 140 marijuana plants planted as part of the first phase of the organization’s testing have begun to flower and should fully bloom in eight to 10 weeks. Once bloomed, scientists will be able to extract oils from the plants to create A total 2,500 bottles containing five milliliters of the drops will be produced for clinical tests set to take place in July this year.

Research is to be conducted on four groups, namely; those with epilepsy, those with peripheral neuropathy, those with cancer and those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Pricing is still being considered and will depend on doses needed by each group.

Officials in Bueng Kan province reported that 14 people have so far registered with the Provincial Public Health Office to legally possess marijuana, and all medical patients are in need of the plant for treatment. The 90-day registration period is

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