Alleged ‘heavyweight’ gangster could be poster child for B.C.’s public inquiry into money laundering


Kwok Chung Tam is a man with many identities and powerful connections — an alleged kingpin of a Chinese crime cartel so dominant in Canada that police once said it could set the price of heroin on the streets of North America.

According to allegations made by Canadian law enforcement officials between 1991 and 2014, Tam is a heroin importer, a chemical drug lab operator and a “known loan shark” with a history of violence.

He’s also been fighting deportation for over 25 years. And according to recent court filings, Tam is believed to be residing in a luxury Richmond, B.C. condo.

He also has alleged ties to B.C.’s casino industry and to the province’s multibillion-dollar real estate money-laundering problem.

If true, these claims suggest Tam could be one of the architects of the so-called “Vancouver Model” of transnational

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