Legalization of cannabis in the United States, “cartels turn to other drugs”


Journalists Xavier Deleu and Stéphanie Loridon return Saturday to Europe 1 on their investigation of the consequences of the legalization of cannabis, particularly in North America.

190 million people use cannabis worldwide. And the legislation surrounding the consumption and sale of marijuana is changing in many countries … Journalists Stephanie Loridon and Xavier Deleu have looked into the subject and have released an international survey, Big Marijuana, when the deal becomes legal (in bookstores and newspapers). replay on Arte). They were particularly interested in the consequences of this legalization, whether on the producers, the traffickers but also the authorized resellers.

Producers in crisis, traffickers in “reconversion”
“So far, the suppliers of illegal weed for the United States were in Mexico.We went to see the people who work to supply this chain, those who cultivate, who are kind of wholesalers who deliver to the cartels, and their homes. is the crisis, “reports Xavier Deleu at the microphone of Philippe Vandel, Saturday. “They can not sell their grass anymore, they’re trying to find better quality grass because they’re not competitive at all, but now the cartels are turning to a plan B: they’re going to other drugs , including heroin, which is found in force in several states like Michigan, “he said.

But Xavier Deleu is keen to point out that consumers of heroin in the United States will not be the same customers of these cartels who previously sold cannabis: “a consumer of weed will not start tomorrow to consume heroin . ” According to him, the legalization of cannabis has a first impact on the

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